Integrated Exercise in the 1800s

Side Lunge Reach
Google books is one of my favorite application on this thing we call the INTURRNEHT.  I've found so many free books published prior to 1923. Among them were a large amount of text on physical education manuals, gymnastics, even jiu-jitsu!

Postural Alignment

The physical education manuals emphasized full spectrum improvement including posture, voice control, dance and exercise. It was interesting to see the equipment used before is taking prevalence in the industry today.  It seemed that all equipment used in gymnastics like parallel bars and rings established the framework for resistance training. Dumbbells were even used and movements occurred in multiple directions and resemble the exercises of the big "functional" push toward exercise.  Other obscure pieces include indian clubs; which I have yet to explore in detail.  

Flexion Extensions/Swings

I have always been interested in the evolution of the fitness industry. It shows how much concern the public has about their health.  There have always been and will always be gimmicks and quick fixes out there. The main thing is we must all consider it as a part of our lives.  Most of us only have one body...yes. Regardless what path we take in fitness, make it consistent, safe, and fun.

I've been trying to find any information on obesity rates in the 1800's.  Unless you have been living under a rock or perpetually under a food coma, it's no news that the obesity rates are pretty high.  Seriously, Maury Povich tried to open our eyes to it.  Sadly, I used to find this entertaining.  Especially when they would all run wild on set while trying to eat microphones and chairs. But now, it's thoroughly frightening to me what this future may hold if we don't take time for our health.

Keep MUV'N ... or Shawn, age 3, will eat you because you may or may not look like a pizza to him.


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